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The man behind the camera...

Meet Ronald Angelo Thomas...

My name is Ronald Angelo Thomas, and as long as I can remember, I had a passion for art. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, the inspiration to become an artist was all around me; and having that artistic eye began when I drew certain cartoons as a child. My passion for drawing inspired me to attend college in the field of architecture. While studying architecture at a university in Alabama, I discovered my true passion for photography. 

After closely working with the school photographer, I grasped a better appreciation for the beauty of photography. I would photograph school events, friends, and family members, and I learned technical skills that enhanced my flourishing passion. With a new fire in my eye, I returned back to Atlanta, Georgia where I furthered my artistic abilities at the Art Institute of Atlanta. With hard work and dedication, 

I obtained a degree in graphic design. Therefore, combining that fire in my eye; passion in my heart; and knowledge in my brain resulted in my intense connection with photography.

As I gained more hand on experience, I began photographing a series of events and personal shoots.  

I would then incorporate my design skills into my photography by designing print materials. Thus, these experiences have made me realize that photography is more than an image but a piece of art.

Ultimately, I thank God for the blessings to have these talents.  I have realized how powerful photography and design can be. It is so exciting to help others reflect on their special, priceless, and memorable events, and I thank all those that have helped me understand my gift for this art.